“Owlet Resale Press”

Owls & Butterflies Resale Shop (iNsite)

Hello, my name is Bianna N. Ellis and yes this is my 1st blog.

This blog was created to build my online shop and to created the idea of 
helping others. I alone, have done well, but this is not about my good 
deeds. Yes, I am the founder of Owls & Butterflies Resale Shop, our goal
like any chairty is to help those in need..How? with a little bit of hope.

I started out on this journey looking for good cause...i almost didnt set
out on faith, everything that i came face to face with..made me feel like
i was failing. Was i again going to be the faileur, NO!!

I'm hopelessly addicted to music, art, sunsets, & dance.
These four things are my drive, not including the heart God has giving me.
My goal is to become a non-profit. To be able to build my own dream is 
like crazy, because who plans to be come a non-profit..IT'S CRAZY RIGHT!!


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